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 About Workplace Wellbeing

Molecular Wellness is transforming personal well-being, workplace well-being, and community sentiment by redefining how people engage with wellness.

We curate wellness displays, cards, and signage with messages of hope, inspiration, and joy for people, businesses, and communities to inspire and offer your employees a renewed sense of hope and well-being.

Our mission is to increase frequency of mental and emotional well-being touch points by weaving carefully curated & empowering messages in everyday places — billboards and workplaces; schools; local businesses; coffee shops; corporate offices; fitness, spa, and yoga centers; local restaurants; hair salons; aesthetic and wellness centers; and even the desks and nightstands in homes.

This is especialy important in the workplace. Employees spend more time at work than anywhere else, so it is critical that we meet them where they are and use every opportunity to offer hope, joy, optimism, and inspiration.


How Are We Different

You likely have a wellness service that includes anything from exercise and nutrition trackers, webinars, consultants, and facilitated workshops, wearable technology and chatbots to broad-scale train the trainer programs, coaching, and EAPs. It’s challenging, time consuming, and expensive to find a consistent comprehensive wellness platform that enables an organization to choose the right route for impact within their workplace and on their bottom line.
We. Are. Not. That.

What we offer

We are here to help you leave your people better than you found them—not because it increases productivity, retention, presenteeism, or your bottom line, but because it’s simply the right thing to do. 

Give your employees a renewed sense of hope and well-being by simply replacing the benign workplace promotional products with Molecular's carefully curated and aesthetically pleasing messages of hope, inspiration, and joy that can be displayed on wellness cards and signage throughout key spaces in your workplace.
While they might seem fun and are useful for certain events, pens, lanyards, highlighters and sticky notes are often lost, unused, and make little impact.

If companies can budget for signs instructing employees on restroom waste management, hand washing, and covid reminders, then a small investment in uplifting messages that impact mental well-being with joy, optimism and inspiration is definitely worth it. We must emphasis—not because it may increase productivity, retention, presenteeism, or your bottom line, but because it’s simply the right thing to do.

Try Giving a Gift of Inspiration: Beautifully packaged 4 x 4 cards with a smooth touch with message that gives motivation, optimism, and hope—in place of the coozie, highlighter, sticky notes that don’t stick, and ink pens whose final destination is at the bottom of a drawer.


The Impact

Our wellness cards, products and other tangible resources are not just daily quotes for tough moments. It is a powerful interaction that fosters a state of well-being and provide moments of introspection and recalibration to engender a shift in perspective.

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